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Our Bottled Water Follows Stringent Guidelines and A 10 Step Process!

Water One Inc Dispenser System Bottles

If you have a water dispensary system, you’re going to need to stay stocked on water to ensure you have some at all times. Our dispenser system bottles come in two sizes – four and five gallon bottles. They’re environmentally friendly bottles that can be reused.


Our bottles come with a WaterSafe purity seal which prevent leaks when the bottles are being transported. Our water is purified with minerals added to it.


4-Gallon and 5-Gallon Bottles

Our 4-gallon and 5-gallon water bottles have a handle that makes it easy to carry the bottles. They contain purified water with added minerals. To prevent leaks from occurring, the WaterSafe purity seal is great for making sure leaks never happen.

Service Highlights

 -  Environmentally friendly and reusable bottles

 -  WaterSafe purity seals

 -  Easy to carry handle

 -  4-gallon and 5-gallon bottles

Our dispenser system bottles are great for always having water on hand. The bottles are reusable and come with convenient carrying handles.

How they Work

When you’re adding a bottle of water to a cooler, it’s a very simple process. Simply take the hygienic seal off and place the bottle on the cooler. There is a special valve that opens which lets the water enter the reservoir. When the bottle is removed, the WaterSafe cap reseals itself.  

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